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Connecting Patients to World-Class Mohs Surgeons:
Promoting Excellence in Skin Cancer Care

SRC is a nonprofit, patient safety organization. We accredit the top medical professionals and facilities worldwide. Our Mohs Micrographic Surgery accreditation was developed in consultation with industry experts, to recognize specialists in skin cancer surgery who are skilled in this highly sophisticated, complex technique.

Skin cancer demands highly effective treatment. However, many patients remain uninformed about the Mohs procedure, despite its impressive success rates. Consequently, these individuals often opt for treatment strategies yielding less than optimal outcomes. The Center of Excellence in Mohs Micrographic Surgery connects patients to fellowship-trained, board-certified Mohs surgeons who follow our accreditation standards. Patients consistently choose SRC-accredited providers because our seal signifies safe, high-quality surgical care.

The Benefits of SRC Accreditation

SRC Accreditation enhances safe and effective patient care. By adopting SRC’s proven processes, designees boost case volumes, improve outcomes, and reduce complications – results that directly impact the bottom line.

After achieving and maintaining their accreditation, designees report:

Higher Patient Volume & Satisfaction

Professional Recognition & Distinction

Improved Team Cooperation

See the full list of reported benefits here.

Pricing & Requirements


First Year USD: US, Canada & Mexico: $10,000

Annually USD: US, Canada & Mexico: $7,500


Center of Excellence

1,000 annual cases (required volumes can vary, see requirements)

Surgeon of Excellence

1,000 annual cases // 5,000 lifetime cases

Designee Support & Services

All Designees have exclusive access to our services, which are included in the accreditation fee.

Care™ Program:

Tailored marketing and communication services to promote accreditation and achievements.

Our experts provide personalized support, creating custom marketing plans and materials to showcase expertise and effectively promote accreditation.

CARE™ provides assistance with:

  • Reputation Management
  • Print & Digital Marketing Materials
  • Physician Referrals
  • Video Creation & So Much More

Quality Improvement:

Data-driven Insights, Feedback, and Continuous Improvement Strategies

Progress cannot be achieved without measuring results. Our accredited providers need data to gauge their improvement and return on investment resulting from their accreditation. With SRC’s QI initiative, designees can effortlessly track their progress with the unique advantage of unbiased monitoring and expert guidance on areas to improve from SRC’s analysts.

Find a Provider:

Connecting Patients to Trusted SRC-Accredited Providers

Our Find a Provider tool is the most visited page on our website. It seamlessly guides patients to SRC-accredited providers based on their geographic location or required specialty. We identify distinguished experts in our specialty program areas and connect them with patients, bridging the gap between patients and their pursuit of reliable, quality health care.

Cary Skin Center - The First SRC Center of Excellence in Mohs Micrographic Surgery

“Accreditation through SRC has been a truly profound benefit to the practice. We have had the attention of payers, employers, ACOs and referring physicians to our accreditation. This has also been a unique and powerful marketing opportunity to inform and reach an extraordinary number of referring physicians about our Center of Excellence. The response has been totally positive, affirming, and professionally rewarding.”


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